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Kickstarter Funded & Worge is for sale!

It’s been quite a ride since we created Worge! and it’s successful kickstarter re-launch but I’m happy to say Worge is on the way to all our supporters on Kickstarter! We’ve also made the game available for sale on so if you missed the kickstarter but want to get in on some of that worging fun, you can grab a copy there! Be sure to print out the directions on the “How to Play” page, the ones on the box are good but the PDF is better 🙂

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Worge Video Shoot

We shot the footage for our Kickstarter / Publisher video this past weekend. A great friend of ours set us up with a great videographer he knew and he was also nice enough to narrate the video which was awesome. If I had to narrate / star in it myself, it would not have been pretty. What was originally supposed to take 2-3 hours ended up taking closer to 5-6 hours but we got a lot of cool, unplanned footage and shots that will make the video a lot more fun. The victims… I mean, volunteers that starred in the video were very patient and craft services were on point. We’re just so Hollywood 😉

I’m super excited to get the first cut of the video to see what it looks like. The goal is to have the final video in hand by the end of the month and then it’s kickstarter time!

Here are a few pictures / sneak previews from the shoot.

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Hello Word Nerds!

So what is this game?

Worge! is a multi-player card game for 2 or more players (although we recommend a group of 4+ for maximum fun) based on creating words that combine the sound / meaning of two different words (aka portmanteaus).  Think hangry which combines “hungry” and “angry” or brunch which combines “breakfast” and “lunch”. Worge! combines the words “word” and “merge”, it’s our fun way of describing a portmanteau!

Sounds pretty fun, right? Well it is! You can find out more about the game in our How to Play section as well as on our Kickstarter page. Once the campaign on Kickstarter begins we’ll be posting a new worge on this blog as well as our social media accounts. So if you haven’t followed @worgegame on all your favorite instabook things, do it already! (links are at the bottom of the page!).

If you come up with a cool worge and want us to share it just hit us up using the Share Worge form and we’ll come up with some bad clipart for it and share it with the masses because that’s just what we do.