How to Play


Worge is a hilarious multi-player card game for 2 or more players (although we recommend a group of 4+ for maximum fun) based on creating words that combine the sound / meaning of two different words (aka portmanteaus).  Think hangry which combines “hungry” and “angry” or brunch which combines “breakfast” and “lunch”. Worge! combines the words “word” and “merge”, it’s our fun way of describing a portmanteau!

Playing Worge is simple! The Worge Master draws two Worge Cards from a deck and players have 2 minutes to create worges using the words on the cards. You can create your worges using one word from each card or two words from the same card.  If you’re an expert Worge Artist (or Worgist!), you could even use three words to create your worge!

When time is up, each player chooses their favorite worge they created and makes up a hilarious (or serious!) definition for it. The Worge Master reads the worges and their definitions out loud, picks their favorite one and the player that came up with it gets a point.

The next person in clockwise order is appointed the new Worge Master and play continues. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Something you come up with during a game of Worge! could become part of your group’s vocabulary for years to come, this has been not so scientifically tested!