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Hello Word Nerds!

So what is this game?

Worge! is a multi-player card game for 2 or more players (although we recommend a group of 4+ for maximum fun) based on creating words that combine the sound / meaning of two different words (aka portmanteaus).  Think hangry which combines “hungry” and “angry” or brunch which combines “breakfast” and “lunch”. Worge! combines the words “word” and “merge”, it’s our fun way of describing a portmanteau!

Sounds pretty fun, right? Well it is! You can find out more about the game in our How to Play section as well as on our Kickstarter page. Once the campaign on Kickstarter begins we’ll be posting a new worge on this blog as well as our social media accounts. So if you haven’t followed @worgegame on all your favorite instabook things, do it already! (links are at the bottom of the page!).

If you come up with a cool worge and want us to share it just hit us up using the Share Worge form and we’ll come up with some bad clipart for it and share it with the masses because that’s just what we do.

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